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#139102 - ” “Me, too. Tell me how it happened. The “Baggage Car” By Phyllisroger (being a collaboration based on experiences told between Succulent Phyllis and Randy Roger) When we boys and girls date, get serious, then get married, we carry our baggage of events in our lives to that point of seriousness/marriage and so it was that we came to trust and confide our secrets during intimate moments…when sex was hot and good and words poured forth between us…those intimate times when our minds and bodies were radiant, pulsing with pleasures and an atmosphere of mutual approval prevailed…times when the most personal little secrets and confessions seem to pour forth…testing the mutual trust.

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Kei tsuzuki
Hey boys i need some advice i once dated this girl like 2 years ago and she s now my bestfriend and she s finally like single again and i rly wanna confess to her that i never got over her but idk if i should
Takashi komuro
Great top and your eyebrows are on point love the dialogue you should talk more him less