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#349175 - I can feel hot breath escaping me as my labored, deep gasps slowly bring oxygen to my brain, revealing the environment around me, still blurry, and unfamiliar… I try to view my surroundings, a burning pain in my throat, creating a craving for fluid, somehow knowing my thirst will not be quenched. When he enters me with one, and then two slick, bloody fingers, I can feel myself reaching climax, my senses overloaded, feeling him inside me, and my cock deep in his mouth… “OHHH…OH MY GODDDDDD!!!!!!!!” I can hear myself screaming as pleasure washes over me, building to a final peak as I release what feels like a tidal wave into his mouth… “Ahh, so you like being mine?. /What is happening to me?I’m so…hot!/ My skin is burning, sweating, I can feel him remove my gag, freeing me to scream, which I do as I feel him take me in his mouth.

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