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#76902 - The two men used the emergency exit door of the Cinema to leave, the Casher waited for me to dress quickly, luckily I’d brought a spare pair of pink nylon laced panties in my school blazer pocket, otherwise I’d have to have worn my cum soaked knickers. I placed my neatly pile of clothes on the toilet cistern, the old man undid his belt then dropped his trousers and underwear to his ankle then sat down on the toilet seat and began to fondle my panty covered cock, he commented that sissy boys should always please their daddies, I answered I’d like to be daddy’s then he kissed my panty covered crotch, “Now little girlie boy, Daddy wants you to play with his big cock”, said the old man, I naturally answered nervously “Oh Yes please” , so we switched around positions I sat on the toilet seat while the old man stood up, I was instructed to masturbate him with great enthusiasm, which I sensed it really pleased him, then he instructed me it was time to suck his cock, I opened my mouth for him

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Rodney moore is on that harvey weinstein lol
Rin matsuoka
Its definitely not deepthroat but i definitely would let and love for you to do this to me love ya work keep the hentais cumming