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#62159 - OH MY FUCKING GOD OH MY GOD SIS MAKE ME CUMM MAKE ME CUMM, OH MY GOD IAM CUMMIG IAM CUMMING WE BOTH SCREAMED AS WE CAME TOGETHER. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, aaaaaaaarhhhhhhhh, arrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhh Fluffy stop you’re hurting but he didn’t kept thrusting and thrusting deeper and harder and just when I thought I could take it any longer BOOM, IAM CUMMING, IAM CUMMING OH MY GOD OH MY GOD GOOD DOGGIE GOOD DOGGIE, GOOD BOY GODDBOY, I SCREAMED IN TOTAL BLISS, MY FIRST DICK INSIDE ME AND IT BELONGS TO THE POSTMASTER’S DOG HE IS THE FIRST MALE TO PLEASE ME, I thought to myself Jake look at what your missing out on this should be you. I woke up feeling lifeless and felt like I had all the life force fucked out of me I was so tired but 110% satisfied I got a feeling like someone was watching me, I was laid flat on fluffy with both dogs tied to me, Shep spun around till we when standing ass to ass both dogs still filling me with my dog cum my tummy was now a big fat popped belly it looked like i

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