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#350586 - Nikki says: Properly. I smirked Pat says: Grabbing your shoulders and rolling over depositing you under me Pat says: I held myself up with my hands and rested on my knees Nikki says: 5 Pat says: In case you were wondering my boxers were now becoming a painful hindrance Pat says: You grinned at my pained expression and reached down skillfully pushing them down and away Pat says: You grabbed me and pulled me down against you Pat says: You let out a little laugh as I jabbed you hard Pat says: Sticking the point of your tongue out of the corner of your mouth you angled me to your soaked blazing entrance Nikki says: Ahhh Pat says: Opening you mouth wide in a gasp as the head slipped in and you took your hand away Nikki says: 6 Pat says: I gently pushed in another inch and stopped Pat says: Barely in you Nikki says: Nooo Nikki says: Mooreee Pat says: Muhhah Nikki says: Patttt! Pat says: I slowly began to pull back Nikki says: Nooo Pat says: Until

Read Pau Touhou Ero Atsume. - Touhou project Dorm Touhou Ero Atsume.

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