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#100319 - . as I did not want this incredible touch and feeling to end! In only moments he with one hand started kneading my bare exposed bottom then stepped away for a second? Then felt I was being poked in my dripping wet pussy folds apparently it was the leather end of the switch as he twisted around several times wetting and soaking the leather? After which I heard the wisp and felt the thin spray of the wet leather zing through the cool night air and caress my bare bottom with a nasty sting, I yelped being caught totally by surprise and off guard, it wasn't all that hard or hurtful that is, at first? But steady, and actually was more stimulating than I could ever have imagined, as he whacked first one buttock followed by rubbing the spot with his hand, before doing exactly the same with the other, Whack,.

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Very sexy body
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