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#130415 - Sally sat for a few minutes before she realised no one was going to open the door for her and climbing out she stupidly left her coat on the backseat as she closed the door, realising what she’d done Sally tried to get it but the door was locked. Suddenly Sally’s stomach was in knots as she realised what was expected of her, Mike’s boss had crossed to her and putting his arm round her waist guided her to the sofa and lightly pressured her to sit, as she sat Sally tried to hold the dress so it didn’t slip and reveal her long smooth waxed legs but the sheer material wouldn’t stay where she put it when she let go, finally feeling humiliated she let it drop between her thighs, at least its covering the front of these damn panties she thought! Each woman took a seat with exactly the same results, though Sally noticed the young girls dress showed even more than the one she was wearing. His boss wouldn’t be happy if she refused and it might even mean Mike lost his job, Sally realised

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Yukimura sanada
Nice tits nice vagina looks ok not fantastic but good
Sakie satou
I like the way he looks at her while she riding his meat
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Milla maxwell
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Fucking hot