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#198517 - So, I tell him that we need to talk about Daisy and he tells me that what he wants to talk about also she is acting like a spoiled bitch and she is getting on everyone’s nerves Rob tells me that he doesn’t like fucking her and I don’t either she is becoming really demanding and although we have punished her I feel like I want to string her up beat her but I don’t want to hurt his baby and he says that he knows how I feel when I look at my phone I get a text from Sonya that she is on her way to see me so I tell him that Sonya is on her way and he gets this look and I know that he is in love with her also. I begin fucking her long and hard and she is not bad her pussy is tight around my dick I tell her that if she cums without permission I will whip her I look back and I see that Danny is teaching Billy how to lick pussy when Sonya cums again I let lose on the girl and I follow her I pinch her nipple and tell her to cum and her muscles lock onto my dick so hard I think she might break i

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