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#128024 - She grab my hand slide down into her pant with i thought was tight against her body were rather loose and into her panties she said “ finger my pussy feed your finger to it” so I did damn she was tight but i managed to get a finger into her love canal it didn’t take long at all for her have an Thunderous orgasm then she undid my belt and my zipper to my pants and slide her hand down in boxer and grabbed ahold of my dick started to move her hand up and down and all along my pant stay up our lips locked once more and she jack me off for good five min before I told her I was about blow. ” I said but cut me off in middle sentence “‘what did want to do Scott? kiss me? . She had ass on her damn usually when I used see her walking down hall way at school I would run up and give it pop with my hand I just love how it jiggled .

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