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#262854 - She looked at me in denial as I turned to her and said “I dare you to deep throat my cock” her eyes widened, she downed the rest of her drink and leaned forward and grabbed my member pounding it hard with her fist, she paused, pulled her hair back, and ran her tongue down my shaft, she the engulfed my cock and slowly slide her hot wet mouth all the way as far as she could, she gagged, but didn’t stop, she look up at me with tears in hers eyes, and pulled off gasping and saying “a dare is a dare” and dived back down, she started sliding her mouth up and down my dick harder and faster, pausing every few minutes to try and slide my cock down the back of her throat, finally after pushing it thru a gag she had made it, her nose was buried in my pubes and her chin was resting on my balls, she gagged again, but held it there, then she did something I didn’t expect, she tickled my ass with her nails, that did it, I couldn’t control myself any more, I started bucking wildly gagging her but she

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