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#192286 - i began to feel brave and feel her breats which were probably c-cups then she took off her shirt and i saw her dark pink nipples and began to feel them and suck on them as she reached to take off my pants i took off my shirt and she lay me down and began to slde her finger up and down my hard and it was a hand job i closed my eyes and enjoyed this new feeling then i felt a warm wetness and knew she was sucking my penis she did this for a while and stopped asking me to do her now i happily agreed , for having an obsession with pussy, i started slowly licking around it first then i went in and began to toy with her clit with my tongue she gave slight moans and slight thrusts. and it happened around 10:30 that same night we did it she wanted it i gave it to her with the same feeling , we still have a good friendship and a great sexual relationship but as she contiues to date she just might find her perfect man. i went down as many stairs as possible before i heard her then i sat down pr

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