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#173944 - MY BODY ERUPTED IN ORGASM!! I pushed on my hands to force my body up to see what was happening! They shook uncontrollably from the pleasure and I just managed to whimper, “Oh fuuuck,” as my arms gave and my head slammed back on the desk!! From the jolt or the orgasm I don’t know, but I lost consciousness for a moment. His cock was magnificent, it filled me just right!! There couldn’t have been any more room inside me from an expansionary sense, but instead of contracting from pain, my pussy just seemed to quiver in an erotic massage!! For a moment, I wondered about how many young girls he had pleasured like this. Not only was this nerdy looking man a master of Physics in scientific sense, he was a master of the Physics of my pussy! He sucked each bare lip, pulling till it was stretched completely.

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