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#149011 - ” I knew things had changed I would be getting every hole filled on a regular basis and there was nothing I could do to stop it, then I thought to myself do I want to stop it? Absolutely not! Later that night as I lay in bed John came into the room, he told me to assume the position I got on my hands and knees and he stuck his cock into my mouth and grabbed my head and started fucking my mouth, and I saw him set down the jar of Vaseline on the night stand and I knew what was next. He pushed steadily until the head pushed past the outer ring, “O Fuck you’re tight,” he exclaimed! The pain was intense he kept telling me to relax; tears were streaming down my face. So I would get on my hands and knees facing the window and he would get behind me and shove his hot cock deep inside me and fuck me for all I was worth and then he would either cum deep inside or in my mouth which I loved both.

Read Fantasy Massage Oshioki Suru yo Ch. 1-4 Uncut Oshioki Suru yo Ch. 1-4

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