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#5521 - so me and harvey woke up and got dressed harvey said to me babe have you packed your bags for blakes? i looked at harvey and that all he needed to know he said when do you plan on packing i said harvey dont get on at me harvey looked at me and said harvey is that how it is theses days so i got up and left are bedroom harvey followed me into the kitchen and said what wrong with you? i carried on making a cup of coffee as if harvey wasnt there he grabbed the milk out of my hand and said no seriously what is wrong with you i took a very long breath in and out and said ive put weight on harvey started laughting at me and said baby your still stunning i smiled a harve and said you have to say that your my hustband harvey said babe i wont say it if i didnt mean it harvey handed me back the milk and said how much have you put on? i looked to the floor and said 7 pounds harvey came up to me and took my hand and with his other hand he placed it on my face and said i

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