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#244842 -   ”look at you know slut, on your knees hungry for my black cock ain’t ya?” James asked while giving her forehead a rough cock slap,Megan nodded her head enthusiastically up at James sticking out her tongue as he slapped his engorged head against it multiple times, his giant hand gripping his cock as the young girl lavished the underside with long slow licks,” don’t forget my big balls slut” James demanded as he elevated his cock upwards to give the girl easy access, he held her head firmly stroking his shaft slowly, as she lapped away at his testicles,the idea was to cool off a little before he once again invaded her white cunt, but the sight of this little white slut eagerly licking his balls had the opposite effect, he once again stopped her by pushing the slut’s head back, the struggle on his face showing causing the young girl to smile devilishly,” get up and ride my black dick bitch” he ordered dragging the girl up by the hair.   “ I almost forgot about this, we can't ce

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