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#373246 - Rikimarue feeds Ayame three times a day everyday, he taunts her everyday by asking her questions like if the horse demon impregnates you would your baby be a demon Centaur? Ou - Chan is a giant monster, if he impregnates you could you even survive giving birth to his child? She ignores his taunts by focusing on the multiple scenarios that play in her head. Merik opens another portal and Ayame watches as the horse demon steps through, she had know idea how big horse demons are, their so much bigger than regular horses, totally white with parts of them that seem to be on fire with blue flames. Ayame says But he's Human , Merik laughs and says Your right, she's not to smart, I think I'll have some fun with her before I summon the horse demon .

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Yuuki kuroiwa
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Silmeria valkyrie
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Haruka yuzuhara
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