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#273897 - Mom dad zoey and kc walk in hey guys hi Jim feeling better defiantly I still got a bit of pain but other than that I'm alright  the medicine is helping but making me a bit loopy the doc said it would hey you two Noticing my siblings staring h-h-hi Jim heya k wow it looks like it hurts bad it hurts but I got it for the right reason so yeah I'm gonna wear it around like a gold metal Julie is smiling at me on the edge of crying you see her well she's gonna be your sister in-law and you guys are gonna be an aunt and uncle here 8 months or so she's pregnant Zoey runs over to Julie and gives her a  hug of approval Julie suddenly runs down the hall  I'm sorry guys I gotta it's okay son we know I run down the hall till I find Julie in the bathroom bent over the toilet Julie you okay(entering the bathroom shutting the door) yeah(wiping her mouth) that's the baby isn't i

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