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#31172 - Feel my hands like a fantasy lover and let them explore your body. Crave the touch You want the touch You need the touch Just relax and let my words caress you now As you read You relax 10 times as much NOW Letting my words take you to a deep deep state now A deep state of relaxation NOW A deep erotic sensation now The erotic pleasure is growing the deeper you go You want the erotic pleasure So you go deeper and deeper now Letting the pleasure grow You feel the need to cum now You want to cum now And when I say the words CUM NOW You will have an instant orgasm An orgasm so powerful An orgasm so good That you will know it is the best orgasm of your life Once you cum, you will feel the orgasm continue The orgasm will last longer than ever before Once you feel it slow down Another orgasm will take its place Even better than the last orgasm The pleasure will consume you You feel the need to cum so much now You crave to cum You want to cum so bad now The p

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