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#140522 - The kind of woman with whom I married him made no difference at all: beautiful or ugly, old or young, it was all the same to him; his partner had only to play her role competently, and that role was as follows: ordinarily, he would come to the house in the morning, he would enter, as though by accident, into a room where a girl lay upon a bed, her skirts raised to above her waist and in the attitude of a woman frigging herself. But can you explain to me their cause? It resides in our heart, Curval replied. The libertine enters furtively while his opponent is busily counting his money; the churl cries thief; whereupon the hard language and blows begin.

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Sasami sasasegawa
Cute panties reminds me of a candy cane
Rokuro enmadou
Youre amazing