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#249878 - he got off me and we fell asleep. So he was like ok honey I am going upstairs to take a shower then I will be down to take out the trash and then I am bringing my wife to bed with me so we can make real. He walked over to me and whipped him 9 ½ inch cock out at me and told me to suck it I told him no and I asked him why he was being like this to me Kevin looked down at me and said you teasing little cunt you want to know why I am doing this it is cause I can and I am in less you want me to call a few of my friends over to help me brake you in if not I sagest you do it my way the easy way and that is where he gabbed both sides of my head and he pushed the head of his cock in my month it was so thick I was having a hard time doing it then without we warring he tighten his grip on my head and shoved his dick in my mouth and started throat fucking me I was gagging and almost puked I whimpered and he laugh then he pushed in one last time and shot his hot goo in the back of my throat he

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