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#23449 - I replied - -Ha Ha I was close enough, and to be honest you don’t have a bad looking arse, Did you realise that twice when you fouled me your hand touched my cock through my shorts? Me – - Oh did I? sorry about that, it was your ball I was trying to get at. The following morning being a Sunday, I slept later than normal but was still up a good 2 hours before the time I had arranged to meet Stevie, I had a wank then showered, then went back to my room and went online, I signed into msn 10 minutes later Stevie logged in, he sent me a message using his password he had given me the night before, so that I knew it was him and not his brother who was online. He asked if I was still up for the meet, I replied that I was , he asked if anyone else was coming along, I replied that I had not asked anyone, but if he wanted to bring someone he could, he replied that he was ok with it being just me and him, Stevie asked if I was going to be wearing football kit or normal clothes, I tol

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This sexy woman has a perfect body especially those sexy pert boobs her man is a lucky guy
Yuuto shinkai
Mmm i bet he loves it
Houtarou oreki