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#177013 - ” Luckily no one saw my mother and me running to our house naked carrying our clothes, my mother would have beaten me except that she dropped her bra between the houses and had to stop and bend down and pick it up of the grass. As I moved up beside my mother she gave me a kiss then moved down and began licking my cock clean, sucking it into her mouth she licked all around the knob of my cock once she was satisfied she had cleaned my cock good enough she moved back up beside me. We laid there chatting with each other about sex, when I asked my mother about her enjoying sex with Melinda, she told me the first time she had been with another female it was with her school friend, and she still kept in touch with her, but they hadn't seen each other for years.


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Gorou sasabe
Keep giving her the training at some point she will be use to it
Oooh im sooo into ebony chicks submissive ones they so rare i pounded sum other chick for 6hrs straight recently and passed for nearly a day