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#231090 - so I went out and peeped moms room through the ventilation. All were shocked but no one bothered it and now after marriage he fucked whole day and night and now after 2 months mom got pregnant and after tat he took super care of mom as he is a rich man he made many workers for mom and healthyfood my father hasn't done it mom had more love towards him And he still fucked her daily after 6 months moms abdomen got so huge and now on scan it showed triplets inside the womb and Manikam was very happy mom too after tat he took more care of mom in the 9th month he done baby shower for Mom and now after tat mom gave birth to triplets and now moms melons are swollen with more milk and he drank more milk tan the child . Onething vela ur hubby is an idiot and mom doesn't told anything abt it.

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