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#262970 - I took Sally every week for the next 6 weeks to meet Greg, l wasn’t jealous or felt threatened by her wanting his cock, l got so excited seeing my wife taking Greg’s cock in every hole she had, Sally was permitting him to fuck her arse or spunk into her mouth which she had never let any other guy do except Greg and me, it was so hot listening to her screaming when he shot his load inside her. We must have met about 30 to 50 blokes, over half were one hotel meets some would tie her up for a whipping, some would like to role play rape ripping her clothes off and some just wanted to fuck ‘n’ fill Sally up till then none where more than 4 meets before moving on to the next guy. Greg dressed and left as soon as he was out the door l had my wife spread legged on the bed fucking her oh so slimy soaking wet sticky pussy hole to fill with my creamy spunk, she left the hotel a very happy spunk fill used woman.

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My mommies face looked like that i d slam her mouth too
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I want this dick
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I thought so lol
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