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#315779 - I begin licking and sucking her clit as I put two finger in her pussy she begins cumming telling me not so stop as I continue to lick her pussy my dick is hard as a rock when she ask me to fuck her I get up and lift her up as I sit on the couch and set her down on my dick her pussy is so wet and tight she begins moving up and down she looks so sexy with her large belly I grab her breast and squeeze her nipples are so hard and I want to take one into my mouth but, it hard to do so I let her set the pace as she begins to moves faster she begins moaning and asking if she can cum and I tell her yes and she soaks my lap with her juices I feel myself about to cum so I grab her ass and move her up and down faster. When we get to my dungeon the other guys are helping Paul and Jake I hear Michael telling them to relax and open their throats someone taught him how to give head. First up a slave will always keep himself clean inside and out you were all groomed and tested for any disease and ev

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Hayate hisakawa
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