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#281707 - She wore shiny red polish on her finger and toe nails, her long toned legs led up to a vagina whose folds opened like the petals of a beautiful flower in full bloom and always had an intoxicating odor to it and was lightly touched by morning dew. A woman on the staff who also hated her led a female collie up to her head made it lay down an spread its legs with the dogs genitals under the newscasters mouth. Many including the newswoman thought her career was ruined but instead she became extremely popular and was offered a national position know known as the bitch caster and always appeared with a different dog on her show allowing it to lick her pussy through out the broadcast.

Read Orgia Hajimete no Natsu | 初嘗禁果之夏 - Original Fat Hajimete no Natsu | 初嘗禁果之夏

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Chie sasaki
This is one lucky mouth breather
Yurishia farandole
Like to see more of her any other hentais