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#139255 - It was so much more intense than jacking off and I took full advantage of it. This brought a Why did you stop Georgie? I liked when you played with me there - what is that you are playing with? That is your clit and it makes you feel very good doesn't it? I just stopped so we don't bring Mom in here, if you keep the shrieking down I will do it some more - can I watch while I play with your pussy? Sure you can watch, I want to see you too - this feels so good I don't want to stop - I have played with myself before but, it never felt so good - your fingers make me feel so dizzy and I just can't get enough of it, please don't stop!!! We both turned on our sides and could look each other in the eyes and I began to massage her clit again with marvelous results - the look of lust on her face made me very hard and I needed some relief. Now I went into the Dadie character - Dadie is hungry and he needs some milk to make him happy n Dadie's f

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Kotomi ichinose
You should make a hentai and be really rough and make her cry
Damn those buck teeth yum