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#56167 - My god, girl, exclaimed Miss Richards, do you know how puffed up your pussy lips are?!? No one had ever looked at her pussy like Miss Richards was, and it turned her on even more knowing that another human being loved her pussy as much as she did, and what happened next was more than Afton could take, because Miss Richards leaned over and began tonguing her bulging pussy with her mouth!!! The second the long tongue connected with her clitoris, Afton had a huge orgasm, more satisfying and deeper than any she had experienced in her short life, and while she had read stories about oral sex, never in her wildest dreams had she thought that anything could ever have felt as wonderful or satisfying as that! After coming down from her sexual high, Afton asked Miss Richards why she had chosen her, and not some other girl. Afton, in just her bra and panties, followed the teacher into her small cubby hole of an office at the far end of the locker room and sat down in the visitors chair a

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