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#307768 - Maya is again forced down on all fours, says nothing and is mesmerized helplessly with her eye's wide in wonder as the two big black men lash first her wrists upper arms and neck to the large steel rings embedded in the floor, followed by her waist! Then spreading her thighs and lashing them just above her knees and her ankles this expert lashing leaves Maya barely able to alter her position! Then these men hold her buttocks as one has grabbed her clit! Maya watches the branding iron approach her bare helpless bottom, that is now in the gloved hands of Mistress “M”. has raised her female senses to their very peak! Any sound or touch is frightening as she hears more voices, that of a woman pleading for help! Please help? Please anyone? There is no response to this pitiful plea! Maya does not know it, but she is in a big secluded warehouse that has been made to look like it belongs to a reputable truck

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Mochizuki chiyome
M encanta la rubia grabo yo cn ella
Emiri ucchi
Yay thank u x
Saya takagi
This cuts are wierd