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#215953 - u guys want me to share how i last long on sex? experience ofcourse ok heres the technique without taking any pills. when ur about to come stop moving put ur attetion on kissing her or sucking her tits after a few sec like 20 go back again start banging her and if feel ur about to come stop again and put ur attention on other stuff this is important for girls st0p being selfish think about her happiness too if u do that that technique u can make her come 10 times:) im really a pervert i did a bunch of stuff in the past that is really unthinkable or not acceptable and i will share them to u when i have time sorry about my gramar and englsh again :) oh one more thnng she wasnt a virgin anymore probable her ex done it wit her already. after that i started helping her to mix the brownies and i went behind her i told her im goin to hold the mixer from behind her so we could do it together while we were doing that i started to do the move itarted to poked her ass using my dick and theres n

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Rudol von stroheim
Nice hentai
Kaede akino
Your boobs are amazing but your ass makes me even crazier absolutely incredible