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#271216 - I slowly start to kiss along her legs more a lick than a kiss and as I reach the top section of her legs I switch for left to right, as I get closer to her cunt, (I love that word) her legs are now opening without any help from me, Mel has now changed and she has chosen to lie down and she can see the film which from the sound tells me her mum is sucking my cock, I move very slowly to her cunt and let my tongue linger just above the top of her cunt lips, Mel’s hand comes up and presses on my head I gently push her legs further apart so I can see her cunt lips, I go for them like a fish on a hook I take them in my mouth, lick and suck on them, Mel leans up and so she can see me doing this her nipples look like they are about to explode, she is breathing now very loudly and her moans are starting, I can feel these little bits of flesh on my mouth and I suck and play with them knowing that they protect that juicy hole of Mel’s. I look at my cock which is now rock hard I finish I put o

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Jim hawking
Great blowjob
Coco you are hot and so damn good