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#36356 - James closed the door behind him and walked over to her checking out the lingerie very good slave very good . After james got powers from a ancient ring giving him the power to control the minds and body's of people he made his sister into his newest slave . As he keeps slamming away brutally in her he looks over at laurien still sitting on her knees mastrubating as fast a she can slave eat laurien out all my slaves will pleasure me and their fellow slaves he commands laurien goes lay on her back in front of her mother on the cold kitchen floor as she plunges in laurien's pussy eating her out like as deep as she can ooh thank you master I love this as much as your cock maybe even more laurien moans out tilting her head back James laughs loudly and looks at her well then it looks like you are a lesbian don't worry you can be my cumdumpster and a lesbian he says as he keeps slamming away in his mother thank you master she moans out full of happiness knowing she is allowed to

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