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#291665 - You are welcome here for as long as you want to be, but yet at the same time I do not think you could live out on your own, because you do have trouble saving your money for the bills you would have to pay to live out on your own, and I’m not saying this to make you look bad or feel bad, but you do need to think about what I said. ” “You know and I know that if mom finds out what I show you that I want to do to show my love for you, there will be hell to pay. I stayed raised up into her till the last drop of my cum spit out of my cock, then a short time later Mendy laid down on top of me spent, mashing her tits into my chest and I loved the way they felt laying on top of me pressing into my chest and to help keep her from rolling off of me I reached up and took a hold of each ass cheek into my hands and give them a little massage felling the firmness of that beautiful round ass of hers, with my cock still up inside of her pussy as we both would spasm every little bit, her pussy

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