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#37672 - I've been talking to her about anal for a long time and I figured this was a good time to show her pleasure could come of it not just pain like she assumed I could tell she was getting close to orgasm the way she was moan and bucking so I placed my hard cock at the entrance to her wet pussy waiting to plunge my cock to the hilt when her orgasm struck so I can send her into a wonderland of pleasure and right when it hit I did just that and her body shock with an intense orgasm as I let her come down I slipped in the lubed up anal beads into her virgin ass since she was so relaxed it slide in easily but I could tell from the death stare she was not pleased and could her her muffled screams of get it out but I let it in and started burying my dick deep inside her and those lust filled eyes returned focused on my cock diving in and out of her soaked pussy after a few minutes I slowly started to move the anal beads in and out matching it with my cock pumping in her the moans grew great

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