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#120956 - I felt a finger slip around to my ass and put gentle pressure on my hole, I raise up a little and she said “higher” As I did she let go of my cock and pushed me up exposing my ass and spread my cheeks with her hands placing her tongue onto my bum hole she gentling started rimming me, Oh my fucking god I cried, as her tongue probed deeper I was in heaven, in out, up down, onto my balls and back down again, it was fantastic, she let my arse drop down again and went back to my cock. We showered together, soaping each other down and I wanted to fuck her arse, as I was getting hard again, but time was short for her she had to get back but she promised her ass was mine next time we met. 5 inch round the shaft, she seemed pleased with it and put her face near to my cock and inhaled saying she loved the smell of sex.

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Ciao e sempre bello vederti hai un corpo speciale ma per caso ti sei lasciata perche non vedo piu nuovi hentai sul tuo vecchio canale e ora vedo che hai creato questo nuovo bacci bella