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#173222 - My first time having any kind of sexual experience happened between my cousin Lisa and I when we were in our early teens! Lisa was the one to engage it by asking if I wanted her to suck my dick! Before I get into the details let me describe for you the players in this incestuous tale! Lisa is about 37 years old now and stands about 5'8 , deep dark hazel eyes, with soft straight hair to the middle of her back! My cousin was a cheerleader, danced numerous different dances, and participated in countless beauty pageants from birth up to placing 2nd in Miss Teen NC competition! She is about 3 years older then me,but even as a pre-teen she had developed nice looking big tits that you just wanna dive in to! Im 34 years old with a short faux hawk I think its called. This of course caused my cock to slide up her pussy lips.

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