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#177117 - “C-come on sis, I don’t want to do this!” His sister, Joanna, smirked and shrugged, “Aww, Casey, I really don't care! Now, come on, pucker your lips up some more, hm?” After a reluctant sigh, he did so, quickly feeling her fingers on his chin, steadying him as she applied the red matte lipstick to his plump lips, “Yeah, yeah just like that, perfect…” “C-come on, you can’t be serious?” He complained, voice soft once she was finished applying it, looking at his sister with wide anxious eyes as she glanced in a mirror, pursing her own lips before glancing back to Casey, as if comparing them. She let out a soft little chuckle, “Relax Joanna, it’s easy, you’ll enjoy it I’m sure…” “You… You think so?” He asked. “I know honey, but I really really appreciate this, I’ve been dreaming about nothing else.

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