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#302474 - and my shorts were a number to small since I had gained some weight …. about 5pm I sat down in a lawn chair to relax, I must have fallen asl**p for a bit when I woke up I was like in a trance, my daughter was standing over me looking at me …she said I think it´s starting to work I had no idea what she was talking about…when she reached down and garbed my left tit and started to massage it, as my nipple got hard she pinched it a few times, and said yea she´s ready My daughter sat down next to me and said mama I found all the photos of you in the basement and the videos too, you´re such a slut I never thought of you like that, but when I saw you sucking black cock and eating black pussy at the parking lot next to the freeway, I got so wet, and all the men and women in the videos would order you to do something and you would do it just like a good bitch, you would suck there cocks, eat pussy and asses ….

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