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#181492 - It trickled down the crack of her soft, round ass cheeks, and involuntarily, she began to finger her tight little bumhole, plunging first one, then two and finally three fingers right in to the knuckles, and then her entire fist (right to the wrist), moaning with intense pleasure as she did so, while continuing to manipulate her clitty with her other hand… “Come on then, Blackie, love…I can’t wait ANY longer”, moaned Gina, who by this time was becoming frantic with the need to cum. Gina appreciated this, and talked to her stallion the same way; which often led to some very horny situations… Blackie, of course, being a stallion, was horny all the time anyway, but with this being the middle of the breeding season for horses, he could hardly think of anything else! All he could think about was relieving the delicious pressure in his huge, melon-sized balls…as often as possible… Gina, having dressed in a little tiny sundress, suspender belt, glossy black, sheer, silky, seamed

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