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#223622 - i-im pregnant, and Matts the father her mom was shocked, her dad looked strait at me with a beeline look, you got my daughter pregnant, what the fuck were you two thinking? wait dad dont yell at him please it was kinda my fault i didnt ask him to wear protection, and i didnt think i was on my period, please dont be mad at him he calmed down and looked at me, so how do you plan on supporting my daughter and your child? i looked at him, i make over 150,000 a month and i can get our own place and ill even arrange a wedding for us her dad was in awe, Kelly looked a me with a gleam in her eye, you really mean it Matt i never lie to you do i? she nodded her head no and looked back at her dad, please daddy he was still in awe, what do you do son and why do you make so much? i am a firewall and product programer, i work from home so it will be easy to take care of them both he nodded, ok i can allow it to happen then Kelly squeeled and leaped at her dad, thank you thank y

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