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#203788 - happy fuckin birthday. You;ll find out soon enough he answers, how long tell we get there i ask a couple of hours, he replies. Its a game we play sometimes to release ourselfs and just go wild, I don't want to play now I want his tongue inside me , I want to turn around and ride his face until I cover his chin with my cum, I answer him, eat me He licks me once, quickly making me gasp and jump alittle You didn't say please Please, I almost scream, Please eat me bury you tongue inside me I don't have time to continue with my pleading, he leans foward and licks me hard and fast his tongue sliding in and out of my wet pussy, He slides his finger in and sucks hard on my clit, flipping his tongue over it, He starts fucking me with his finger then adds another one, My legs are shaking and I feel an orgasm building fast , My pussy is twitching around his fingers Im so close now, He growls against my pussy, and I break hard, I throw my head back and

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