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#166233 - Once at my house my Mum agreed that it would be ok for me to walk his dog and I agreed that I would be there the following morning to take the dog out. I have been getting some e/mails from a young guy who reads my stories, Over the course of the past 2 weeks he has e/mailed me at least once a day, he has told me his story of his sexual experience, and has asked me to write a story about him, Some readers might find this story disturbing as it includes sex between an adult and a teenager. The man put the dogs lead on and I went with him to the local park where he let the dog off the lead to run around, we had to watch to see if it done the toilet and when it did, I would have to pick up it’s poo in a small plastic bag, the man warned me that if I did not do this he would get a fine of £50 off the council and if that happened I would lose my job.

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Shielder | mash kyrielight
You know the name of the girl who is sucking him at the time
I can t wait this is on my to do list