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#34111 - My hands stroked the outside of her pussy and it opened to my touch, very large lips and an what felt like a huge hard protruding clit, as I touched her clit Chloe released my cock and laid back down, “please” she said “please eat my pussy like you did Mandy earlier”, I smiled and made my way down her body, she opened her legs wide and straddled across her I leant down and licked her clit, she suddenly changed in character and became very assertive, “suck me” she shouted, “fucking do me make me cum” I pushed my face deep into her crotch, licking her clit and pushing my tongue into her hole, as I did she pulled my bum down and swallowed my cock almost half way, we both thrashed at each other, urgently sucking and licking each other softly and hard. A couple of hours later my phone rang and it was Debbie, Mandy’s mum, she was very upset, she was sobbing and I found it hard to understand her.

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Look kinda like a chick i know is that tasha
Shizuka rin
I have to say you are one of the hottest women ive ever seen