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#92256 - I moved back, slipping my cock straight up her pussy, Cindy gasped with the intrusion, but pushed back hard urging me to fill her to the max, my balls oh so full needed to explode, and they did, I blasted reams of cum right up her pussy, flooding her to the point of over flowing, Sue licking up the hot cum that ran free, as Cindy orgasm once more, dropping onto Sue. As my cock continued to pound Sue, I told Cindy we also like some kink, her eyes, widened and her mouth dropped, I said want to see? With outsaying anything, my cock pulled out of Sue's pussy and began to slip into her ass, Cindy looked shocked but her eyes didn't move as she watched me carry on fucking Sue's ass hard. Cindy just seemed to freeze, as I had not told her I was bi or did anal, then she turned more, watching as Sue worked my ass, as I wanked my cock slowly.

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