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#297247 - Lights out, came the call, and pretty soon all the cell block was almost pitch dark, it was ten o'clock, just four hours to go! Neither girl got any sleep, and they both waited anxiously for the two o'clock rounds. Donna looked around to make sure that no else was listening to their conversation, and replied quietly, I had to pay him, fifty bucks, cash! Cindy arched her brow and in an incredulous voice questioned, Where in the hell did you get fifty dollars to pay for that!?! Shhhssshh, keep your voice down, admonished Donna sharply, do you want everyone in the place to hear you?!? Cindy leaned forward and whispered intently, Well, where did you get it, the fifty bucks I mean, you sure as hell couldn't have made it in here!!! Donna leaned towards Cindy and replied softly, It was my sister, she paid him for me, met him and gave it to him in person! Wow, Cindy said, I wonder if my sister would do that for me?!? We have to be careful, commented Donna,

Read Online Zannen Bijin na Poker Face - Touhou project Short Zannen Bijin na Poker Face

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