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#208482 - When Gourry caught up to Naga and Lina a few hours later he found the two of them sitting around a large campfire with a fully spitted and cooked girl rotating on a spit above the fire, meat on plates in front of them, You did it again?, you roasted another young girl?, Lina Inverse you are to dangerous to woman to be allowed to live Gourry said about to draw his sword once again, Hold your horses I didn't roast this girl, Lina said, Then it was the other? Gourry replied pointing to Naga who had some meat juice dripping from her chin, No it wasn't me either we found her like this and were hungry so we started eating Naga said and took another slice of meat from the large plate.

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Kukaku shiba
Small hands needs to replace the other guy
Keiko sano
Ggg my favorite girl magdalena
Sansetsukon no lily
We can watch we can t cum though
Akito tenkawa
Great vid